Naomi I. Morduch Toubman


I got my start in woodworking in summer programs at the Eli Whitney Museum when I was five years old, and later worked there as an apprentice and camp counselor for six years. Along the way I took a few classes in fine woodworking and an internship with a professional furniture designer and woodworker.

I like the challenge of working with such a finicky medium as hardwood and I love being able to fill my own furniture needs.

Lizards 🔗

November 2013

I designed this deltoidal hexecontahedron made out of lizard shapes in a Math Art private reading in college. In late 2017 I gained access to a laser cutter and was able to cut the pieces from plywood.

CD stands 🔗

November 2012

I designed and created a run of seven stands from a piece of curly maple. To determine user needs, I asked a touring musician what she looked for in a good CD stand. Based on her response, I designed it to be light and easily foldable into a compact, stackable shape.

Maple earrings 🔗

November 2012

I made these earrings out of a small piece of curly maple. I tend to collect fallen leaves, especially colorful maple leaves, and I liked the idea of making maple leaves out of the wood of a maple tree.

Desk 🔗

May 2012

I designed and built this desk in an art class in college called With the Grain. In the detail picture you can see the mortise and tenon joints connecting two sides of skirt to the leg. The tenons hook together inside the joint so that they both come through to the outside.

Coffee table model 🔗

March 2012

I designed and built this model of a coffee table in an art class in college called With the Grain. I designed a complicated joint for where the top meets the legs and skirt, such that it can be sturdily constructed without glue.