Naomi I. Morduch Toubman

Web design

Real Food Challenge 🔗

February 2018

I designed this website while at Little Weaver Web Collective, for an organization uniting college students to organize for food sourcing changes at their schools. The design needed to show the strength and vitality of its youthful organizing, while also positioning the organization as a trustworthy source of information for donors and food service administrators. The site needed to provide not only an overview of the organization, but also a collection of resources for student organizers, so I designed a visually appealing, scannable listing that is easily accessible from the navigation.

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Client design 🔗

January 2018

I designed this website while at Little Weaver Web Collective for a startup presenting a new product and technology in a conservative field. We learned in interviews that the stakeholders wanted to position themselves as bringing their field into a new era, looking to companies like Apple and Tesla for branding inspiration. To this end, the marketing pages are composed of dynamic rearrangeable sections that can be used much like a slide deck to sell buyers and investors on the company and product.

The client was very happy with the design but had to halt the project due to financial difficulties. The image here presents the design without being identifiable to the client’s branding.

SecureDrop 🔗

November 2017

I was the design lead on this project for Freedom of the Press Foundation while at Little Weaver, as well as having a large role in research interviews and synthesis. The layout of the homepage addresses conflicting goals of various audiences: The first thing on the page is a short description for people unfamiliar with the project; the first call-to-action serves to funnel away users who are looking for installation instructions; and the pink box serves to catch the attention of people with sensitive security needs before they show a lot of interest in the site.

A few of my favorite details of this site include that the logo lines up with the background hexagons at all screen sizes and that the hexagons indicating news category line up with the header logo.

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Press Freedom Tracker 🔗

August 2017

I worked on the research, development, and design of this project as part of Little Weaver Web Collective.

Research for this project involved bringing together a coalition of many stakeholder organizations and interviewing a number of different types of users. When interviewing potential users, we learned that the most important feature was filtering incidents by specific criteria to identify trends, and I laid out architecture for detailed tagging to aid that filtering. Journalists, a major user group, needed data to rigorously evaluates information, so I recommended prominent locations for source links, methodology explanations, and contact information. We also found that various stakeholders and users had different definitions of who was a journalist, so I recommended and provided information for the discussion of this project’s definition that is included on the site.

For this design, I provided detailed requirements to another designer on my team and gave extensive feedback on the design. I also participated in the frontend development, working especially on responsiveness of the header and footer and on giving equal visual weight to the logos of each of the organizations.

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Susan Morduch, PhD 🔗

April 2015

I designed and built this site for a psychotherapy practice using GitHub Pages. I created the header image to provide some texture and a sense of small pieces fitting together to create a harmonious whole, and had Susan provide the handwriting samples to add a human touch. And what can I say, parallax was in at the time.

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Lights Out 🔗

November 2014

I created a javascript version of the Lights Out game as an exercise. It can be played at various board sizes, and on a torus or a plane.

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Oberlin Steel 🔗

July 2014

I designed this site for a student steel drum band. I used GitHub Pages so that it would be hosted for free, and instructed members of the band in how to edit the site on GitHub or

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Oberlin News Center 🔗

July 2013

I was the primary visual designer and front end developer on this project.

The link goes to an archived version, which has everything but the typefaces.

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Oberlin Homepage 🔗

March 2013

Harris Lapiroff and I designed the old Oberlin homepage. The photo mosaic, virtual tour section, and footer are primarily my work. This page was featured on a number of lists of best college websites.

The link goes to an archived version, which is missing some images.

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Fambly Card 🔗

February 2012

This was the first website I made that I was really proud of. A few friends and I decided to make an update card for our “fambly.” The background uses a NASA photograph of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

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