Naomi I. Morduch Toubman

Print design

Little Weaver paper airplane 🔗

August 2017

We needed conference swag on short notice and I came up with the idea of a paper airplane. It was easy to get printed, easy to transport, and a fun piece of advertising. I chose the style of airplane because it is simple and flies pretty well. I designed the entire printout, including the folding instructions, and conducted hallway usability testing to make sure the instructions worked for a layperson.

Should you wish to print it to fold yourself, I have a printable PDF.

Partners in Progress 🔗

June 2015

I designed a white paper for a project of LIIF and the Citi Foundation, as well as similarly-designed case studies for three of the organizations with which the initiative worked: EBALDC, CASA, and Community Solutions.

View Lessons Learned paper View EBALDC case study View CASA case study View Community Solutions case study

Dandelion Romp 🔗

April 2014

I designed this poster for the 2014 Dandelion Romp, a contra dance festival held every year at Oberlin, using a drawing by Anna Droege.

Steel Drum concert 🔗

May 2013

I designed this poster to advertise a steel drum concert. The center image reveals the pun: a steel pan is designed to resemble the Earth with a single continent, i.e., Pangæa. The background is a NASA photograph of globular cluster M15.

Dandelion Romp 🔗

April 2013

I designed all print materials for the 2013 Dandelion Romp, a contra dance festival held every year at Oberlin. using a drawing by Anna Droege. Pictured here are the poster advertising it, which was designed to be screen printed, and the T-shirt design. I also designed a schedule and name tags.

Nothing But Treble 🔗

May 2012

I designed this poster to advertise an a cappella concert. It needed to be eye-catching even when produced on a photocopier.

Resistance 🔗

May 2012

I printed this poster on a letterpress, using wood and metal type in combination with a linoleum block I carved. I then painted the color on the daffodils by hand. The design is inspired by Bread and Puppet’s resistance posters.

Oberlin Jazz Dance Festival 🔗

March 2012

I designed and screen printed this poster to advertise a swing dance weekend. This poster was printed in three colors: light blue, purple, then black. I also designed a matching schedule pamphlet and an advertising postcard.

Nothing But Treble 🔗

December 2011

I designed and printed this poster in a screen printing class, to advertise an a cappella concert. The image was hand-drawn with a photo reference, then scanned and manipulated on the computer. This is a three color print: blue, transparent brown, then cream.

Windows 🔗

October 2011

I painted two images which I layered to create this piece, which I screen printed by hand. I made a number of prints in a variety of colors, some of which I present as a group.